4mm aluminum plate

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4mm aluminum plate introduction:

4mm aluminum plate refers to an aluminum plate with a thickness of 4mm, which is an aluminum thin plate. It can be flat or rolled when delivered. Since the iron sheet does not have the anti-rust effect, aluminum coils have been used to replace the iron sheet at home and abroad. 2mm aluminum sheet, 3mm aluminum sheet, and 4mm aluminum plate are common thickness specifications aluminum plates, and are also commonly used thickness aluminum plates. Different series of aluminum plates can be rolled into different thicknesses such as 2mm/3mm/4mm by rolling mill. Such as 1060 aluminum plate, 1070 aluminum plate, 3003 aluminum plate, 5052 aluminum plate, 5754 aluminum plate, 6061 aluminum plate, etc., can be processed to the above thickness.
4mm aluminum plate

4mm aluminum plate price:

Aluminum plate price composition: final quotation = aluminum ingot price + processing fee
4mm aluminum plate price depends on the price of the aluminum ingot on the day. The price of aluminum ingots varies from day to day but does not fluctuate greatly. Combining the specific processing costs and transportation costs, you can get the price of 4mm aluminum plate.
For example, the price of aluminum ingots is about 1980 USD/ton, and the additional plate processing fee is 283 USD/ton=2263 USD/ton.
In addition, different alloy grades, different length, width and thickness requirements, different material conditions, and different processing fees. Specific prices need to consult the manufacturer. Click “24hrs online” on the right to get the latest aluminum sheet quote information!
4mm aluminum plate

4mm aluminum plate specifications:

Mingtai 4mm aluminum plate can achieve a width of 100-2800mm, a length of 500-16000, and can be made into a plate shape and a roll shape. Aluminum plate refers to a rectangular plate made by rolling an aluminum ingot, divided into pure aluminum plate and alloy aluminum plate , thin aluminum plate, medium thick aluminum plate, aluminum tread plate. 4mm aluminum plate has aluminum tread plate, pure aluminum plate and alloy aluminum plate.
4mm aluminum plate

4mm aluminum plate widely used advantages:

1. 4mm aluminum plate does not rust. The main reason why enterprises abandon iron for aluminum is that the aluminum plates will not rust when exposed to water. The iron skin and zinc skin are not resistant to corrosion. When exposed to the natural environment, they will corrode after being exposed to the sun for a long time. And the aluminum sheet will not rust when exposed to water, and its service life is much longer than that of the iron skin and zinc skin.
2. 4mm aluminum plate is more beautiful. Aluminum is a silver white metal, which can have a high finish after processing and is very beautiful. After processing aluminum into aluminum coils, it has a bright silver-white metallic luster. The aluminum coil is used for heat insulation construction. After the project is completed, the style is unified and beautiful, which is a beautiful landscape.
3. Long life of 4mm aluminum plate. The iron skin and zinc skin are easy to rust. After a few years of use, they will gradually corrode and peel off. The enterprise must re-construct every few years; and the service life of the 4mm aluminum plate is much longer than that of the iron skin. Once construction, there is no trouble in the future.
4. 4mm aluminum plate can maintain value. The recovery price of iron sheet and zinc sheet is very low, the price of scrap iron is only a few tenths of the original purchase. And there is no recycling value after rusting. The aluminum is highly recyclable, even if it is used for more than ten years, the price can reach more than half of the aluminum coil. It has a strong value preservation function.


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