4mm aluminium sheet price

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Mingtai introduces 4mm aluminium sheet price:

With the continuous advancement of aluminum plate technology, there are more and more specifications and models of aluminum plate, the performance is more stable and reliable, and the range of applications is wider. Therefore, the demand for an aluminum plate in the market has also increased. The Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer has joined, and the price of aluminum sheet is more transparent and excellent. Today Mingtai will come to tell you the 4mm aluminium sheet price in detail.
4mm aluminum sheet

Mingtai 4mm aluminium sheet detailed information:

Mingtai 4mm aluminium sheet width can be 20-2650mm. 4mm aluminum sheet refers to aluminum plate with a thickness of 4mm. Commonly used 4mm aluminum plate alloys include 1060 aluminum plate, 3003 aluminum plate, 5052 aluminum plate, 5754 aluminum plate, 6061 aluminum plate, etc. Various alloy aluminum plates The state is also different, here we mainly talk about the alloy state of 4mm 5052 aluminium plate.
4mm aluminum sheet

5052 4mm aluminium sheet status, application and advantages:

Status: F, O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H32, H34, H36, H38, H111, H112, H114
Typical applications: oxide materials, trolley boxes, fuel tank materials, silos, liquid crystal back panels, tank materials, door panels, etc.
Performance advantages: 5052 aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance, high plasticity, easy processing, clean surface without cracks, and high recycling rate.
4mm aluminum sheet

5052 4mm aluminium sheet price for water tank:

The price of a 5052 4mm aluminium plate is a problem that the majority of users are more concerned about. The reference price on the market is also different. Due to the quality of the product, the manufacturer, and the state, the price will fluctuate according to the industry situation, but from the product itself, It is said that 4mm 5052 aluminium plate can meet the production needs of users for water tanks. The specific product status and production plan need to be communicated in detail with the manufacturer for selection. Therefore, the specific price needs to be calculated based on actual needs.
4mm aluminum sheet

Mingtai 5052 4mm aluminium sheet manufacturer:

Mingtai Aluminum is a large domestic manufacturer of aluminum plates, aluminum strips, and aluminum foils. Our quotation consists of two parts. On the day of shipment, the average closing price of A00 aluminum ingots on the Yangtze River + processing fees. Because aluminum ingot prices fluctuate daily, So the quotation will fluctuate.
The 5052 4mm aluminium sheet produced by Mingtai has a preferential price. There is no middleman, and it is delivered directly from the factory. You are welcome to visit the factory at any time. We produce a complete range of specifications and models of aluminum plates, and they can also be customized on-demand to meet different users For production requirements, if you want to know the detailed information of 4mm aluminium sheet price, you can click on the right to consult the quotation, or send an email to Email: zhangmenghao@mingtai-al.com for quick access!


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