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3105 Aluminum Tread Plate

Our 3105 aluminum tread plate is cheaper, lighter and more flexible than those available on other sites.When using the siding, these aluminum checker plates shine like a diamond and look great!The most important point is that anyone can operate and install the 3105 aluminum tread plate with simple tools.This material has low cost, low installation cost and low subsequent maintenance cost.

3105 aluminum tread plate

How to Install 3105 Aluminum Tread Plate

1. Apply trimming.First of all, according to the length and height of the wall to be protected, our 3105 aluminum tread plate was cut into the appropriate size.For example, is 4×8 aluminum suitable for you?Pay special attention to the placement of some wall sockets.We need to cut the corresponding shape on the 3105 checker plate.Of course, after the completion of the size check of the aluminum plate, if you feel that the edge of the aluminum plate 3105 is easy to scratch your hand, don’t worry, there is a special aluminum plate edge cover can be easily installed on the edge of the aluminum pedal.It is beautiful and safe for our daily activities.
3105 aluminum tread plate

2. Apply adhesive to the lattice aluminum 3105 sheet on the back and let it cure for 10-15 minutes.The Coit is affordable at around $6 per tube.It is worth noting that it can make the lattice aluminum 3105 plate firmly fixed on the wall, the effect is lasting, after removing the aluminum pattern plate, it will not leave hard marks on the wall.
3. Hang your 3105 aluminum tread plate.Align your sheets and press hard to stick them to the wall.For the bottom and the sides, we can press it several times.
4. Tear off the PVC film and you’ll be surrounded by shiny siding!

3105 aluminum tread plate

Mingtai 3105 Aluminum Tread Plate

After repeated tests, our 3105 aluminum tread plate is not easy to be deformed and its surface pattern is not easy to be scratched after hitting with a frame-hammer.Of course, the main role of our 3105 aluminum pattern plate is very good protection of the wall.All of this is due to our more than 20 years of experience in aluminum pattern plate processing, and the introduction of six-roll cold rolling machines, straighteners, casting and rolling machines and other independent research and development from Germany, South Korea, Italy and more than 60 sets of large processing equipment and more than 20 production lines.Therefore, here, if you need special tailoring or bulk order, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to provide you with customized service and discount 3105 aluminum sheet order.Come and make the siding of your garage, room, or gym shine!


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