3104-H19 Aluminum Sheet

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Introduction to 3104-H19 Aluminum Sheet

3104-H19 aluminum sheet refers to H19 tempered 3104 aluminum sheet. As we know, 3104 aluminum is typical Al-Mn alloy. So it also belongs to non-heat-treatment alloy. And It improves its mechanical properties by cold working. Generally, the tensile strength of 3104-H19 aluminium sheet is 270-300Mpa, the elongation is more than 5%, and has good deep drawing performance. Therefore,3104-H19 aluminum alloy is suitable for stamping processing of food cans. In addition, the excellent anodic oxidation effect of the surface makes it a color coated aluminum substrate.

3104-H19 aluminum sheet

Features of 3104-H19 Aluminum Sheet

1. Good stamping property. The ductility, machinability and formability of 3104-H19 aluminum alloy are very good, which can adapt to the maximum speed achieved by most machine tools for milling, boring, planing and other mechanical processing.

2. Good anodic oxidation. After anodized, the surface of 3104-H19 aluminum sheet has better corrosion resistance and can present colorful colors.
3104-H19 aluminum sheet

Usages of 3104-H19 Aluminum Sheet

3104-H19 Aluminium sheet and coil for Food Cans

3104-H19 aluminium sheet with coated surface is used for food can, such as for canned fish, meat, vegetables, as well as ready meals. It is light, heat-resistant, tasteless, non-toxic and has good printing effect. In particular, the 3104-H19 aluminum sheet is well suit to the thinning and stretching requirements, thereby reducing material consumption and bulk procurement costs.

3104-H19 aluminum sheet

Other USES of 3104-H19 Aluminum Sheet

In addition, 3104-H19 aluminium sheet also works well in color coating aluminum substrate, aluminum blinds, lamp head material, oxidizing material, cell phone battery case, automobile fuel tank, etc. There are more USES corresponding to the 3104-H19 aluminum characteristics, don’t hesitate to click the right customer service dialog for consultation, online chat, and free access!


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