3104 aluminum sheet properties

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3104 aluminum sheet properties

3104 aluminum plate can be called 3104 aluminum-magnesium-manganese plate alloy, which is a 3-series rust-proof aluminum plate alloy, and its main alloy components are magnesium and manganese. The chemical composition of 3104 aluminum alloy is between 0.8-1.2 magnesium content and 0.8-1.4 manganese content. It is a 3-series product with good anti-rust performance. 3104 aluminum sheet properties, 3104 aluminum sheet is a deformed aluminum alloy, the tensile strength is greater than or equal to 275MPA, and the elongation is relatively large.

In which fields is 3104 aluminum plate used?

3104 aluminum plate has good deep drawing and corrosion resistance, easy to process and form, and is widely used in aluminum shutters, lamp cap materials, can lids, automobile fuel tanks, aluminum bottle caps, pipe insulation, etc.
Typical products: aluminum lamp cap material, aluminum shutter, aluminum can lid material, oxide material, LCD back plate, cake tray, aluminum base material for color coating, aluminum bottle cap material, pipe insulation, etc.
3104 aluminum sheet properties

Production advantages of Mingtai Aluminum 3104 aluminum plate manufacturers

1. Mingtai Aluminum, a large-scale 3104 aluminum sheet manufacturer and listed company, supplies 3104 aluminum sheet, 3104 aluminum coil, 3104 patterned aluminum sheet, etc. Rich temperament, complete specifications, on-demand customization, to meet the diverse needs of users.
2. The production process of 3104 aluminum plate is strictly controlled from the beginning of casting to hot rolling, cold rolling and finishing. Focus on controlling thickness, plate shape, surface, mechanical properties and anisotropy, etc., so that the product has suitable strength and formability.
3. Mingtai Aluminum Factory directly supplies, no middlemen to earn the difference, and the price is affordable. The product quotation is “market aluminum ingot price + processing fee”, and the original factory warranty is provided. The products are sold at home and abroad and are deeply trusted by customers.


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