3104 Aluminum Sheet Price

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3104 Aluminum Sheet Price

3104 aluminum sheet price is economical. In fact, the main alloying element of 3104 aluminum plate is manganese, also called aluminum magnesium manganese plate.Therefore, 3104 alloy is a widely used rust-proof aluminum with certain strength, good formability and corrosion resistance.Currently, the 3104 alu sheet is mainly used in a variety of cans or cans lid.Such as, cookies, snacks and other dried food easy open end, all kinds of fish, meat food and other can body. In addition, it is also used in building materials, blinds, lamp cap materials, heat sink, makeup board, kitchenware and so on.

3104 aluminum sheet price

Affect 3104 Aluminum Sheet Price Factors

Material costs. 3104 aluminum sheet is a rectangular sheet made of aluminum ingot rolling.Each manufacturer chooses different raw materials, different input costs, 3104 aluminum sheet price is naturally different.

Market factors.Because the price of aluminum ingots fluctuate daily, so the price of aluminum plate will also rise or fall.

Product model.3104 aluminum sheet specifications, many states, each customer’s use is different, the performance of the product, specifications, state requirements are different, so 3104 aluminum sheet price is different.

3104 aluminum sheet price

Get Best 3104 Aluminum Sheet Price from Mingtai

Henan, China, is an agglomeration of aluminum processing industry, where a large number of aluminum plate manufacturers are gathered, and Mingtai Aluminum is one of the more powerful.The reason why Mintai has become the choice of many terminals and dealers is that it has the following advantages:

Strength. Mingtai Aluminum started in 1997, focusing on aluminum processing for more than 24 years, five production bases, total production base covers an area of more than 1.3 million square meters, 1 million tons of annual production capacity, 2-35 days delivery, to meet your production needs.

3104 aluminum sheet price

Quality. The company has advanced equipment, through the control of raw materials, production technology, production process, to ensure the stability of product quality, excellent performance.

Reputation. Mingtai products cover 1-8 series aluminum sheet and foil, exported to many countries and regions, market feedback is good.


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