3104 Aluminum Sheet for Food Can

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3104 Aluminum Sheet for Food-Can

Among the many bottled products, only 3104 aluminum sheet for food-can has both high strength, corrosion resistance, and excellent barrier properties, which can effectively avoid microbial, moisture or gas pollution, thereby ensuring safe storage of food and extending the validity period.

3104 aluminum sheet for food can

Advantages of 3104 Aluminum Sheet for Food-Can

In fact, 3104 aluminum sheet for food-can has excellent deep-drawing effect and meets the requirements of rapid mass production. At the same time, 3104 aluminum sheet also has an excellent oxidation effect. After oxidation and coloring, the color is bright and beautiful. And its weight is very light. Only 1/10 of the proportion of tinplate. In addition, it has the advantages of high recovery rate and environmental protection. Therefore, food can made of 3104 aluminum is accepted by more manufacturers and customers.

In addition, 3104 aluminum sheet for food ca has sufficient strength, especially in terms of acid resistance and corrosion resistance. It can also be processed well with chromium phosphate and DOS coating, and the printing is colorful.

3104 aluminum sheet for food can

Mingtai 3104 Aluminum Sheet for Food-Can

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is also a large-scale high-end aluminum foil manufacturer. There are 1 1500mm elevated cold rolling mill, 6 1650mm high-performance foil rolling mills, 1 1600mm heavy-duty coiler, 8 1300mm-1850mm high-precision slitting machines, 3 high-precision 60-ton slab annealing furnaces, 100 One ton billet annealing furnace and 12 40-ton finish annealing furnaces can meet the huge demand for 3104 aluminum sheet for food-can from global users. More information is waiting for you! Don’t hesitate to click on the customer service dialog on the right to get it for free! Mingtai sincerely looks forward to your inquiry!


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