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3104 Aluminum Sheet Coil

3104 aluminum sheet coil is used for various aluminum alloy can lids, such as Coca-Cola, canned beer, etc. In fact, 3104 aluminum is a typical anti-rust Al-Mn alloy. So, it is lightweight, has excellent corrosion resistance, machinability, formability, easy recycling, environmental protection, and economy. At present, 3104 aluminum sheet coil has become the choice of many can manufacturers. In addition, 3104 aluminum coil is a deformed aluminum alloy, which is commonly used in aluminum blinds, lamp cap materials, can materials, oxide materials, mobile phone battery shells, and automobile fuel tanks.

3104 aluminum sheet coil

Advantages of 3104 Aluminum Sheet Coil

Why is 3104 aluminum sheet coil popular in the market?The main advantages are as follows: on the one hand, it is stable in nature and not easy to react with the packaged products to ensure the safety of food and drinks.On the other hand, the material is lighter, which can make the aluminum can packaging products lighter in quality, easy to transport and save costs.

In addition, the lid (bottom) of beverage cans with 3104 aluminum sheet coil has good deep drawing performance, which is suitable for thinning, stretching and lightening to reduce material consumption.Due to the strict requirements of each process of the tank material, our Mingtai company strictly controls each process, so that the product has the appropriate strength and formability.

3104 aluminum sheet coil

Mingtai 3104 Aluminum Sheet Coil with Best Price

The market price of 3104 aluminum sheet coil for beverage can lids (can bottoms) is based on the specific needs of users. The thickness, width, and state of the user’s choice are different, and the product processing fee is different. The processing fee plus the market aluminum ingot price is Is the price of the product.

Mingtai Aluminum produces and supplies aluminum sheet raw materials for cans, including 3104 aluminum sheet coil for the lid (bottom) of beverage cans, 5182 aluminum sheet coil for the pull ring of cans, etc. Mingtai Aluminum has been deeply engaged in the aluminum processing industry for more than 20 years, with guaranteed product quality and direct supply from the original factory and affordable price.


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