3004 pre-painted aluminum coil

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3004 pre-painted aluminum coil

3004 pre-painted aluminum coil has good elongation and low hardness, and can be processed into products of different sizes and shapes by hot rolling, stamping, bending, etc. It can also be colored, and the coatings of color-coated aluminum include fluorocarbon paint coating and polyester coating, etc. After coating, a stable and firm film is formed on the surface of the aluminum material, thereby improving the stability of the product. Color-coated aluminum panels are widely used in aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum ceilings, roof surfaces, etc. Its performance is very stable, and it is not easy to be corroded. It is very popular in building materials.

3004 pre-painted aluminum coil series products

3004 aluminum coil is often used as the base material of color-coated tiled aluminum plate, in addition to 3003 aluminum plate and strip, 3104 aluminum plate and strip, 3105 aluminum plate and strip, etc. 3004 is an AL-Mn alloy, which is a widely used anti-rust aluminum. It has higher strength than 3003, excellent formability and good corrosion resistance. It requires parts with higher strength than 3003 alloy.
3004 pre-painted aluminum coil

3004 pre-painted aluminum coil and other series aluminum coil

3004 aluminum alloy coil has the advantages of stable performance, good coloring, stamping resistance, high elongation, and not easy to crack. It has been widely recognized by the market, and its price is lower than that of the 5 series products, so the market acceptance is higher. 3004 color-coated pressed tile aluminum sheet can be used as the roof of large shopping malls, buildings and some special environments.

Why choose Mingtai Aluminum 3004 pre-painted aluminum coil

1. Good formability, weldability and corrosion resistance.
2. High corrosion resistance and good weldability.
3. Smooth surface, good plasticity and pressure resistance.
4. Good coloring and stable performance.

Is Mingtai Aluminum an aluminum coil manufacturer?

After continuous technological innovation and research and development, to ensure the high quality of products, Mingtai color-coated aluminum coil substrate has a very high market share and is recognized by the majority of customers. Mingtai Aluminum has many years of processing experience, and its customers are located in many countries and regions. Mingtai products can stand the test of the market, and users can purchase with confidence. If you want to know the detailed quotation of Mingtai Aluminum’s 3004 aluminum coil, you can click on the online consultation to communicate with the sales manager, and look forward to serving you.


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