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3004 H24 Aluminum Sheet

3004 H24 aluminum sheet is on the basis of ordinary aluminum added additional manganese and magnesium composition. 3004H24 aluminum alloy has better tensile strength, yield strength and elongation than ordinary aluminum.3004 H24 aluminum sheet tensile strength and yield strength than ordinary aluminum doubled, its oxidation corrosion resistance has been further enhanced, in the metal industry is known as anti-rust aluminum, so 3004 aluminum manganese magnesium alloy has the characteristics of anti-rust and high strength, widely used.

3004 H24 aluminum sheet

3004 H24 Aluminum Sheet for Color Coil

3004 H24 aluminum sheet as a color coated aluminum substrate, the surface after degreasing, cleaning, passivation layer processing, and then on this basis coating is currently the most advanced international level of Kanar500 series fluorocarbon (PVDF) resin production of paint, so that the production of color coated plate with weatherability of more than 20 years of quality assurance.In the production of fluorocarbon coating, it needs to be baked at a temperature of more than 270 degrees, which can satisfy the consistency of physical properties and color difference between batches to the greatest extent.

3004 H24 aluminum sheet

3004 H24 Aluminum Sheet for Building

3004 H24 aluminum sheet has high strength, corrosion resistance, high weather resistance and other characteristics and is widely used in steel structure factory buildings, exhibition halls, stadiums, airports, railway stations and other roof enclosure system, after cutting, pressing, punching, bending and other subsequent processing molding, used for large span,Large area of the overall roof, wall decoration building board.Here, the 3004 H24 aluminum sheet produced by Mingtai Aluminum Industry has smooth plate shape and good machinability, which can adapt to the changing and complex facade shape requirements of modern buildings, such as single, hyperbolic, fan, spherical and other shapes, in order to realize the design concept of architects and make the roof perfectly integrate into the whole building.

3004 H24 aluminum sheet

3004 H24 Aluminum Sheet Advantages

The use of 3004 H24 aluminum sheet processing molding roof system has obvious advantages, sorted out as follows:
◆ Good weather resistance and long service life
◆ High strength, light weight, self-bearing, reasonable mechanical performance
◆ Its effective lightning protection performance
◆ Various types of board, rich colors, can adapt to different building shapes
◆ Diversity of materials, reasonable economy
◆ Complete accessories, convenient installation, short construction cycle
◆ On-site plate, through long installation, no need to lap
◆ Strong sealing performance, good sound insulation effect
◆ Easy maintenance, no maintenance, environmental protection, high recycling value


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