3003 aluminum sheet properties

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3003 aluminum sheet properties

3003 aluminum sheet is one of the most widely used aluminum sheets in life, belonging to the series of aluminum-manganese alloys. Because of the presence of manganese, 3003 aluminum sheet properties include anti-rust properties, also known as anti-rust aluminum sheet. The rust-proof aluminum alloy mainly contains alloy elements such as manganese and magnesium, and the rust-proof aluminum plate is mainly composed of 3 series Al-Mn series and 5 series Al-Mg series alloys. The strength of 3003 anti-rust aluminum alloy is slightly higher than that of industrial pure aluminum.

What other 3003 aluminum sheet properties are there?

3003 aluminum sheet has excellent chemical properties, good corrosion resistance, close to the corrosion resistance of industrial pure aluminum, and has good corrosion resistance to atmosphere, fresh water, seawater, food, organic acid, gasoline, neutral inorganic salt solution, etc. good corrosion resistance in dilute acid. In the cold deformation state, the 3003 aluminum plate has a tendency to spall and corrode, and the greater the deformation, the more serious the spalling. Due to the uneven color after anodization, anodization is generally not performed.
3003 aluminum sheet properties

Mingtai Aluminum 3003 aluminum sheet properties

The 3003 aluminum sheet produced by Mingtai Aluminum has good formability and is mainly used in deep-drawing materials. The 3003 aluminum sheet is used for stamping parts, models, shells, etc. It has many advantages such as good surface quality, good plasticity, and pressure resistance. 3003-h24 is a more commonly used 3003 temper, with good stamping performance, widely used in some metal shells.

The advantages of Mingtai Aluminum’s 3003 aluminum sheet

Good forming and processing characteristics and weldability.
High corrosion resistance.
Smooth surface, good plasticity and pressure resistance.
Good deep drawing performance.
Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. is, the products cover 1-8 series aluminum products, mainly customized production. The 3003 aluminum sheet produced by Mingtai has a flat shape, neat cutting board and clean surface. It can be laminated on both sides and packaged according to user needs. At present, Mingtai products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions, and have been widely praised by users!

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