2mm Aluminium Checker Plate 5 bar Tread Sheets

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2mm Aluminium Checker Plate 5 Bar Tread Sheet

The flexible 2mm aluminium checker plate is available in various surfaces patterns such as big/ small 5 bar tread, diamond embossed, 3 bars, etc. Besides, 2mm thick aluminium checker plate for sale also covers 1-6 series alloy grades. For example, the common are Grade 1060, 1100-H14, 3003-H12, 5754-H114, 6061-t6 and other alloys. Here, Mingtai Aluminum supply 1250 x 2500 x 2mm aluminium checker plates, 4ft x 8ft x 2mm thick 5 bar tread plate, as well as 2mm aluminum diamond plate 4×8, and other customized specs.

2mm aluminium checker plate

2mm Aluminium Checker Plate 1060-H14 5052 Alloy

2mm Thick 1060-H14 Aluminum Tread Plate

There are 1060-H14 aluminium tread plates with thickness of 2mm, 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.5mm, etc. For the aluminum 1060 tread plate, is typical 1 series pure aluminum alloy. So, It exhibits silvery white luster, soft texture, excellent ductility, processability, and formability, etc. In addition, 1060 tread plate is very economic and low-cost. These lead 1060-H14 grade 2mm aluminium checker plate becomes a perfect material of tool boxes, truck bed, skirting line, wall panel, floors, building decoration, etc.

2mm aluminium checker plate

2mm Aluminium Checker Plate 5052 Tread Sheet

1.8mm-2mm aluminum tread checkered sheet 5052 plate is widely used for marine application, such as offshore gangway, loading dock, boat floors, walkway, etc. As we know, 5052 aluminum sheet is famous for excellent corrosion resistance. So it regarded as marine grade aluminum. And It’s widely applied in conditions where strength and corrosion resistance are very high, especially in humid environments.

2mm aluminium checker plate

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2mm aluminium checker plate

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Welcome to Mingtai Al., Industry Co.,ltd ! Our Mingtai Aluminum is a large aluminum sheet supplier in the international market ! There are not only 2mm aluminium checker plates, but also plain aluminum sheet, aluminum coil, tread coil, aluminum foil for choice. So here, if you are looking for aluminum alloy products, then don’t hesitated to contact us to get the best price ! Come on !


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