1350 aluminum sheet in Canada

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1350 aluminum sheet in Canada

1350 aluminum sheet exhibits the very best electrical conductivity of all extruded aluminum conductor grades. It is mainly utilized in the manufacture of aluminum canopies, heat exchangers, electrical conductors, transformers, highway signs, beverage cans, cookware, etc.

Mingtai Aluminum is an aluminum sheet/coil/foil manufacturer in China, we supply 1350 aluminum sheet in great quantity to Europe and Canada per annum. Canadian customers also purchase 5251-H22 aluminum plate, 8079 aluminum foil for battery soft pack and other products from us. Our brand is very famous in Canada, the product quality is stable, and the production scale is large, which can provide you with a stable supply channel. If you Also interested in our products, welcome to contact us!

1350 aluminum plate is more expensive than 1050 aluminum plate because it uses higher-end production technology, and its composition is slightly different from 1050 aluminum alloy. Although the difference is not large, it has determined that 1350 aluminum alloy is more suitable for high-end products. Just like the composition of aluminum alloys used in aerospace is slightly different from that of civilian aluminum alloys.

1350 aluminum sheet is 1 series pure aluminum alloy sheet, during which the content of Al is as high as 99.50%. The properties of 1350 aluminum sheet are almost like 1050 aluminum plate. The content of Si in 1350 aluminum alloy is different from that of 1050 aluminum plate, so their characteristics are also different. 1350 aluminum sheet has better corrosion resistance than the other aluminum sheet, and Offers good forming , welding, brazing and finishing properties.

marine grade aluminium sheet (1)

1350 aluminum sheet specification and property


Alloy: 1350
Temper: O/H16/H24/H26, etc
Thickness: 0.1mm-500mm
Width: 350mm-2650mm
Length: All


Yield strength: 166MPa
Tensile strength: 186MPa
Elongation: 1.2%
Temperature coefficient of resistance K-1: ±0.00408
Density g/cm3 (lb/in3): 2.703 (0.097)
Electrical resistivity at 20°C Ωmm2/m (Ω/cmf): 0.028 (16.78)
DC Conductivity vs Copper: 61.8%

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