1060 h24 Aluminum Plate

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1060 h24 aluminum plate

1060 h24 aluminum plate refers to H24 tempered 1060 aluminum plate. Under h24 temper, 1060 alloy obtains 1/2 hard hardness and stable mechanical properties. For example, it exhibits excellent workability, plasticity, formability, surface treatment and so on. Therefore, 1060 h24 aluminum plate is perfect material of building materials, stamping parts, electronic appliances, machinery, instrumentation, automobiles and other fields. In addition, 1060 aluminum alloy is very economical than other alloys
1060 h24 aluminum plate

1060 h24 Aluminum Plate Specifications

Available Temper:
Performance characteristics: Specifically, 1060 h24 aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance. In addition, it has excellent forming processing characteristics, high gloss, good electrical conductivity and welding performance, high elongation, and can meet the requirements of conventional stamping and stretching.
Applicable fields: bus bar, power battery flexible connection, aluminum composite plate (ACP), lighting material, metal stamping parts, etc.
1060 h24 aluminum plate

Price of 1060 h24 aluminum plate

According to different product specifications, the price of 1060 h24 aluminum plate on the market is also different. Secondly, there are also certain differences in the pricing standards of different manufacturers. For example, depending on the manufacturer’s production strength, the materials, technology, and craftsmanship of 1060 aluminum plates will be different. Therefore, the quality of 1060 h24 aluminum plate is different, and the quotation is also different. In fact, the price of aluminum plates does not have a fixed value.

Generally speaking, when purchasing 1060 aluminum alloy, we shouldn’t just look at the quotation. we should carefully compare the product quality, performance and after-sales service system including the manufacturer’s after-sales service system. At present, the price of 1060 h24 aluminum plate in the market as a whole is showing an upward trend. It is recommended that we buy from direct-sale manufacturers. The ex-factory price is more preferential, and we can enjoy a lower price and the relative quality is more superior.

1060 h24 aluminum plate

Mingtai 1060 h24 aluminum plate Supplier

Mingtai 1060 h24 aluminum plate supplier has been engaged in the aluminum processing industry for more than 23 years. Here, we have a professional quality management team, refined production processes, and comprehensive services integrating R&D, design, and production. So as to reduce the production cost to the greatest extent, let purchasers can get the best purchase price! Therefore, if you are looking for 1060 aluminum alloy product, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Send an email or leave a message online, and we will quickly provide you with a price that satisfies you! Come on!


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