1060 aluminum sheet price for aluminum busbar

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1060 aluminum sheet for aluminum busbar:

Aluminum busbars refer to products made of high-conductivity aluminum materials for the transmission of electric energy, and for collecting and distributing electric power. The main conductor used for power transmission in power stations or substations. Through it, the electric energy output by generators, transformers or rectifiers is delivered to various users or other substations. This article introduces Mingtai’s advantages in producing 1060 aluminum sheet for aluminum busbars, and the price of 1060 aluminum sheet.
1060 aluminum sheet

Advantages of 1060 aluminum sheet for aluminum busbar:

1.The aluminum alloy bus bar is processed with 1060 aluminum sheet. The aluminum alloy is relatively active, but the addition of trace alloy elements can improve its chemical stability.
2.Relatively rich aluminum resources, mature smelting technology and low price. 1060 aluminum plate has better electrical and thermal conductivity, and has high corrosion resistance.
3.1060 aluminum sheet has good extensibility and tensile strength, which can be satisfied by stretching and stamping in conventional production.
1060 aluminum sheet

1060 aluminum sheet price for aluminum busbar:

The price of 1060 aluminum sheet for aluminum busbars is slightly cheaper than other products. The price of 1060 aluminum sheet has a great advantage over other alloy aluminum sheets. If you want to know the price of 1060 aluminum sheet, you need to know several data, including the price of aluminum ingots, Aluminum sheet specifications, thickness and width. Due to the different thickness and state specifications required by different users, the Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer price will also vary. Quickly obtain the 1060 aluminum sheet price, click online consultation, and Mingtai Aluminum will provide you with a real-time quote.
1060 aluminum sheet

Specification of 1060 aluminum sheet for aluminum busbar:

Typical alloy 1060 aluminum plate
Material status F, O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H19, H22, H24, H26, H28, H111, H112, H114
Thickness (mm) 0.1-500
Width (mm) 20-2650
Length (mm) 500-16000
Typical products: radiators, charging piles, anti-corrosion insulation, wire and cable protection nets, aluminum bus bars, electronic products, oxide materials, etc.
1060 aluminum sheet

1060 aluminum sheet manufacturer:

Henan Mingtai Aluminum has been deeply engaged in the aluminum processing industry for more than 20 years. Its products cover 1-8 series. It provides raw materials for the production of aluminum busbar aluminum plates such as 1060 aluminum plates and 1070 aluminum plates. The product specifications are various. The manufacturer customizes the production on demand and undertakes 8-5000 tons Order, provide original factory warranty, affordable price, welcome to visit the factory.


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