1060 Aluminum Plate Cost

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1060 Aluminum Plate Cost

Mingtai Aluminum offer the best 1060 aluminum plate cost here. In fact, the 1060 aluminum sheet is mainly made of hot-rolled aluminum sheet.At present, 1060 aluminum plate is widely used in high-end products, bus, new energy battery soft connection, automobile insulation and so on.So, about the price of 1060 aluminum plate, what are the factors that affect the price of 1060 aluminum plate?

1060 aluminum plate cost

Effecting 1060 Aluminum Plate Cost Factories

1060 aluminum plate cost is composed of aluminum ingot price and processing cost.Due to the different types and states of aluminum plate, the required processing steps and mechanical equipment are different, and the processing cost will also vary greatly.

1. Different from cast aluminum plate and hot rolled aluminum plate.Mintai aluminum mainly produces 1060 hot – rolled aluminum sheet.Some customers need cast aluminum plates.The price of 1060 hot rolled aluminum plate is higher than that of cast rolled aluminum plate.

1060 aluminum plate cost

2.1060 Specifications of aluminum sheet. 1060 aluminum plate cost is different from conventional specifications and special specifications.The price of 260 wide 1060 super wide aluminum plate is different from 1.2m.Mintai Aluminum is one of the few manufacturers capable of producing 2,600mm ultra-wide aluminum plates.

3. Different strength of aluminum plate manufacturers.Aluminum plate manufacturers vary in size.The costs of inputs and outputs are different.Large – scale aluminum processing enterprises have higher costs. 1060 aluminum plate cost is slightly more expensive, but the quality is more guaranteed than that of small manufacturers.Therefore, the purchase of aluminum products can not only look at the price, quality is also key.Mingtai aluminum plate manufacturers choose high-quality aluminum ingot raw materials, the production of 1060 aluminum plate in line with the national standard specifications, product quality and low price.

1060 aluminum plate cost

Get Best 1060 Aluminum Plate Cost

If you need a specific 1060 aluminum plate cost, we need to know the status and specification of your 1060 aluminum plate.If you are not familiar with this area, we can provide you with free consulting service and professional sales manager to recommend you.Provide your alloy reference and quote for your specific 1060 aluminum sheet.Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co. Ltd. has a large – scale aluminum production enterprises.No middleman can make a difference.You can visit the factory in person, close watch the production process of aluminum plate.


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