100mm 6061 aluminum plate

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100mm 6061 aluminum plate

There are many classifications of aluminum plates, and everyone is more accustomed to classifying them according to alloys. In addition, they can also be classified according to width or thickness. Generally, the thickness is between 0.15-2.0 and we habitually call it thin plate, between 2.0-6.0 is the conventional plate that we often say, and the thickness between 6.0-25 is used to call it medium plate, between 25-200 We call it thick aluminum plate. 100mm 6061 aluminum plate belongs to the classification of thick plate.

6061 aluminum plate thickness

6061 aluminum plate is a commonly used type of aluminum plate, and it is also one of the advantageous products of Mingtai Aluminum. The company produces 6061 aluminum in strict compliance with the national standard, with a thickness ranging from 0.3-500mm and a width of 100-2650mm.
100mm 6061 aluminum plate

100mm 6061 aluminum plate cost

100mm 6061 aluminum plate belongs to thick aluminum plate, which can be used for mold making and machining, etc. It has good corrosion resistance, stable performance and excellent processing quality. What is the price of 110 thick 6061 aluminum plate? What are the influencing factors?
Aluminum plate price = market aluminum ingot price + factory processing fee
The price of aluminum plate is determined by the market price of aluminum ingots and the processing fee of the manufacturer. To understand the detailed quotation, it is also necessary to provide the specific specifications, thickness, width, length, status, etc. of the product, which is convenient for the business manager to calculate. For different manufacturers, there are differences in product quality and final quotation due to different input costs.

Mingtai Aluminum 100mm 6061 Aluminum Plate

Mingtai Aluminum is a large listed aluminum processing enterprise and listed company with more than 20 years of rich experience. The company produces mill finish, bright surface 6061 aluminum plate, which has unique advantages compared to the “black surface” of the 6061 aluminum plate surface on the market. Mingtai 6061 aluminum plate has good deep processing performance such as milling, cutting, engraving, etc. It is suitable for mold manufacturing, production of machined parts, etc., and is favored by customers.


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