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customized 3mm thick 1050A H24 aluminum sheet price
3mm thick 1050A H24 aluminum sheet is the most useful sort of series 1000 aluminum alloy. As a kind of pure aluminium sheet, 1050 aluminium sheet is excellent on corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. What’s more, because the machining process is relatively simple, the cost of 3mm thick 1050A H24 aluminum sheet production is cheaper than other kinds while the technology is relatively more skillful. Thus, aluminium 1050 sheet is usually the good choice of the customer.
Specifications of customized 3mm thick 1050A H24 aluminum sheet price
Alloy State: 1050
Temper Available: O, H14, H24, H26
Thickness Range(mm): 0.2 – 6.0
Width Range(mm): 20 – 2600
Length Range(mm): 100 – 16000
3mm thick 1050A H24 aluminum sheet are widely used in general industry, scientific experiment, chemical industry and other territories. The specific application is as follows:
daily necessities, lighting fixture, lamps and lanterns, extruded coil of food;
scutcheon, nameplates, decorations;
chemical industrial container, chemical and brewing industry, cooling fin, electronics;
baffle-board,stamping parts, etc.

Chemical Composition

Element Al Si Cu Mg Zn Mn Ti V Fe
Content(%) 99.5 0.25 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.03 0.05 0.40

Characteristics of 1050 Aluminium Sheet
Low density. Lower density of aluminium sheet is an advantage in 1050 aluminum sheet. The density of aluminum alloy sheetis about 2.7g/cm2. Comparing with other metals, this characteristic can save much materials. This means aluminum sheet metal prices will reduce at the same time.
Light weight. Light weight makes the plain aluminium sheet convenient to carry and transport. Besides, lighter texture of 1050 aluminum sheet implies its use in our daily life: lamps and lanterns, nameplates, cooling fin, and so on.
Neat and shiny appearance. Aluminium alloy plate surface is clean and smooth, and it is easy to embossing, printing, coating and other further processing.

customized 1050 aluminum sheet 
If you are interested in our products, just contact us. One thing should pay attention is, before you order aluminum plate, many conditions must be considered. The final usage decides the aluminium sheet sizes. Therefore, from 1050 aluminium sheet production process to alu sheet store and packaging, including the transportation way, if you need any information, just contact us. Our professional staff are at your service in 24 hours and they will give you perfect answers. Our after-sale service will maximum your time and cost savings.
Mingtai Aluminum promise that we will deliver our perfect 1050 aluminum sheet  to your hands wholeheartedly!
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