1.5 mm aluminum sheet for automotive skin

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1.5 mm aluminum sheet for automotive skin:

Car skin, which means that the car body looks like a piece of skin from the outside, covering the entire car body, so it is called car skin. It mainly plays a role in protecting the safety of the car body and has a good aesthetic effect. Mainly depends on the performance and thickness of the selected materials, as well as the surrounding anti-collision framework and other components. Commonly used automotive skins generally use a 1.5 mm aluminum sheet and 1.2 mm aluminum sheet.
1.5 mm aluminum sheet

1.5 mm thick 5052 aluminumplate for car skin:

Under the general trend of automotive lightweight development, the application of automotive skin materials has broad market prospects. Its aluminum has gradually been used as a substitute for steel and is widely used in automotive lightweighting. Take automotive skins as an example. The 1.5mm thick 5052 aluminum plate made of aluminum alloy is better used in large passenger cars.
1.5 mm aluminum sheet

The best choice of 5052 1.5mm aluminum sheet for automobile skin:

Which manufacturer of 5052 1.5mm aluminum sheet for automotive skins is better? There are countless manufacturers on the market, and their specifications and technical levels are also unique. Then which manufacturer is more trustworthy, recommend Henan Mingtai Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer, Why? The main reasons are as follows:
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3. High performance-price ratio, high performance-price ratio, is the focus of recommending Mingtai Aluminum. Excellent quality, stable performance, strong corrosion-resistance, and many other excellent characteristics, as well as economical prices, make users more like it.
1.5 mm aluminum sheet

Mingtai 1.5mm aluminum sheet manufacturer:

Mingtai Aluminum has been engaged in the production and processing of aluminum sheet, strip, and foil for many years. Not only the product quality is guaranteed, but the price of a 1.5 mm aluminum sheet for car skin is more favorable. For a detailed quotation, you can click on the online customer service on the right or send your needs by email to We have a sales manager to serve you at any time, and you can also choose to visit the company.


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